Platform Presentations

Review Meeting Project TitlePresenter/RecipientPerforming Organization
2011 Algae ReviewPlatform Overview - Joyce Yang (Presentation)Technology ManagerDOE Biomass Program
2011 Algae ReviewNAABB An Algal Biofuels Consortium (Abstract, Presentation)Jose OlivaresLos Alamos National Laboratory
2011 Algae ReviewAlgal Biofuels via Innovative Harvesting and Aquaculture Systems (Presentation)Jeff KanelRenewable Algal Energy
2011 Algae ReviewLarge-Scale Production of Fuels and Feed from Marine Microalgae (Presentation)Jeff ObbardCellana
2011 Algae ReviewSustainable Algal Biofuels Consortium (Abstract, Presentation)John McGowenArizona State University
2011 Algae ReviewProposed research activities for the Consortium for Algal Biofuels Commercialization (Presentation)Paul FalkowskiCABComm
2011 Algae ReviewResearch for Developing Renewable Biofuels from Algae (Abstract, Presentation)George OylerUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
2011 Algae ReviewAlgal Biofuel Pathway Baseline Costs (Presentation)Andy AdenNREL
2011 Algae ReviewAlgae Life Cycle Assessment with GREET (Abstract, Presentation)Ed FrankArgonne National Lab
2011 Algae ReviewDevelopment of Renewable Biofuels Technology by Transcriptomic Analysis and Metabolic Engineering of Diatoms (Abstract, Presentation)Mark HildebrandUniversity of California - San Diego
2011 Algae ReviewImproving cost effectiveness of algae-lipid production through advances in nutrient delivery and processing systems (Presentation)K.C. DasUniversity of Georgia
2011 Algae ReviewProduction of higher alcohols liquid biofuel via acidogenic digestion and chemical upgrading of industrial biomass streams. (Abstract, Presentation)Peter van WalsumUniversity of Maine
2011 Algae ReviewExtremophilic Microalgae: Advanced Lipid and Biomass Production for Biofuels and Bioproducts (Abstract, Presentation)Brent PeytonMontana State University
2011 Algae ReviewMacroalgae GIS Analysis (Abstract, Presentation)Guri RoesijadiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
2011 Algae ReviewOverview of Sustainability and International activities - Ron Pate & Joanne MorelloTechnology ManagerDOE Biomass Program
2011 Algae ReviewMicroalgae Analysis (Abstract, Presentation)Mark WigmostaPNNL
2011 Algae ReviewAlgae-Based Biofuels Integrated Assessment Framework: Development, Evaluation, and Demonstration (Abstract, Presentation)Deborah NewbyINL
2011 Algae ReviewCollaborative: Algae-based Integrated Assessment Framework (Abstract, Presentation)Richard SkaggsPNNL
2011 Algae ReviewUS-Israel Algal Biofuels (NREL) (Abstract, Presentation)Robert BaldwinNational Renewable Energy Lab
2011 Algae ReviewPond to Wheels Algae Biodiesel Life Cycle Assessment (Abstract, Presentation)Howard PassellSandia National Labs
2011 Algae ReviewNew technology: Improving Microalgal Oil Production Based on Quantitative Analysis of Metabolism (Abstract, Presentation)Jorg SchwenderBrookhaven National Laboratory
2011 Algae ReviewMicroalgae Harvesting/Dewatering and Drying (Abstract, Presentation)Deborah NewbyINL
2011 Algae ReviewEfficient use of algal biomass residues for biopower production with nutrient recycle (Abstract, Presentation)Eric JarvisNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
2011 Algae ReviewPond Crash Forensics (Abstract, Presentation)Todd LaneSandia National Laboratories
2011 Algae ReviewHuman Health Risk Assessment of Algal Production Systems: Toxins and Toxic Components, Harmful VOCs, Metal Speciation/Bioconcentration, and Pathogenic Microorganisms Associated with Large-Scale Algae Cultivation Systems (Abstract, Presentation)Chris YeagerSRNL
2011 Algae ReviewHuman Health Risk Assessment of Algal Production Systems: Toxins and Toxic Components, Harmful VOCs, Metal Speciation/Bioconcentration, and Pathogenic Microorganisms Associated with Large-Scale Algae Cultivation-LANL WBS# (Abstract, Presentation)Enid (Jeri) SullivanLos Alamos National Laboratory
2011 Algae ReviewAlgal-Based Renewable Energy for Nevada (Abstract, Presentation)Christian FritsenDesert Research Institute
2011 Algae ReviewDevelopment of Pollution Prevention Technologies (Abstract, Presentation)Juergen PolleBrooklyn College
2011 Algae ReviewExploiting aquatic flowering plants (duckweed) as a source of bioenergy (Abstract, Presentation)Rob MartienssenCold Spring Harbor Laboratory
2011 Algae ReviewDeveloping new alternative energy in Virginia: Bio-diesel algae (Abstract, Presentation)Patrick Hatcher Old Dominion University
2011 Algae ReviewUS-Canada Algal Biofuels Partnership (Abstract, Presentation)Philip PienkosNREL
2011 Algae ReviewModeling and Visualizing Algae Biofuel Production Potential in Canada (Abstract, Presentation)Howard PassellSandia National Labs
2011 Algae ReviewCanada Algal Collaboration-PNNL (Abstract, Presentation)Jon MagnusonPNNL
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewWelcome & Analysis Platform Overview (Presentation)Zia HaqBiomass Program
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewBiomass State of Technology Analysis (NO EVALUATION) (Presentation)Andy AdenNREL
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewBiomass Scenario Model (BSM) Development & Analysis (Abstract, Presentation)Brian BushNREL
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewAlgae Resource Assessment (Abstract, Presentation)Mark WigmostaPNNL
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewThe Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework (KDF) (Abstract, Presentation)Budhendra BhaduriOak Ridge National Laboratory
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewBiomass Energy Data Book (Abstract, Presentation)Stacy DavisOak Ridge National Laboratory
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewPNNL GCAM Biomass and Land Use Modeling (Abstract, Presentation)Marshall WisePacific Northwest National Laboratory
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewLand-use Change Framework (Abstract, Presentation)Budhendra BhaduriOak Ridge National Laboratory
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewGlobal Analysis of Biofuel Indirect Effects & Feedstock Potential (Abstract, Presentation)Gbadebo OladosuORNL
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewLand Use Changes and Consequent CO2 Emissions due to US Corn Ethanol Production: A Comprehensive Analysis (Abstract, Presentation)Wally TynerPurdue University
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewGREET Life-Cycle Analysis of Biofuels (Abstract, Presentation)Michael WangArgonne National Laboratory
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewModeling of Land-Use Changes and Other Indirect Effects of Biofuel Production in CIM-EARTH (Abstract, Presentation)Todd MunsonArgonne National Laboratory
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewCarbon Cycling, Environmental & Rural Economic Impacts of Collecting & Processing Specific Woody Feedstocks into Biofuels (Abstract, Presentation)Steve KelleyNorth Carolina State University
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewWelcome & Sustainability Platform Overview (Presentation)Technology ManagerDOE Biomass Program
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewImpact of Projected Biofuel Production on Water Use and Water Quality (Abstract, Presentation)may wuArgonne National Laboratory
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewForecasting Water Quality and Aquatic Biodiversity (Abstract, Presentation)Yetta JagerORNL
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewBiomass Production Under Climate Change (Abstract, Presentation)Mark WigmostaPNNL
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewSustainability Metrics: Tracking and Optimizing Environmental Emissions and Resource Consumption for Biomass Conversion Processes (Abstract, Presentation)Daniel InmanNREL
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewBioenergy Sustainability: How to Define and Measure It (Abstract, Presentation)Virginia DaleORNL
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewThermochemical Conversion Sustainability Interface (Abstract, Presentation)Lesley Snowden-SwanPacific Northwest National Laboratory
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewLife Cycle Assessment of Renewable Liquid Transportation Fuels (Abstract, Presentation)Daniel InmanNREL
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewInternational Sustainability (A) (Abstract, Presentation)Keith KlineORNL
2011 Analysis&Sustainability ReviewInternational: Sustainability B (Abstract, Presentation)Helena ChumNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
2011 Analysis&Sustainability Review6.3.2.26 International: IEA Tasks & Biomass Sustainability (Abstract, Presentation)J. Richard HessINL
2011 Biochemical ReviewBiochemical Conversion Platform Overview (Presentation)Technology ManagerDOE Biomass Program
2011 Biochemical ReviewBiochemical Feedstock Supply System Interface (Presentation)Nick NagleNREL
2011 Biochemical ReviewPretreatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis (Presentation)Rick ElanderNREL
2011 Biochemical ReviewEnzyme Solicitation Support and Validation Task (Presentation)James D. (Jim) McMillanNREL
2011 Biochemical ReviewEnhancing Cellulase Commercial Performance for the Lignocellulosic Biomass Industry (Presentation)Alisha JarnaginGenencor, A Danisco Division
2011 Biochemical ReviewDevelopment of a Commercial Enzyme System for Lignocellulosic Biomass Saccarification (Presentation)Manoj KumarDSM Innovation, Inc.
2011 Biochemical ReviewProgress update for Novozymes Project DECREASE (Presentation)Sarah TeterNovozymes, Inc
2011 Biochemical ReviewBiochemical Process Integration (Presentation)Dan SchellNREL
2011 Biochemical ReviewIntegration of Leading Biomass Pretreatment Technologies with Enzymatic Digestion and Hydrolyzate Fermentation (Presentation)Charles WymanUniversity of California
2011 Biochemical ReviewIntegrated Biorefinery- Separations/Separative Bioreactor (Presentation)Seth SnyderArgonne National Laboratory
2011 Biochemical ReviewBiochemical Platform Analysis (Presentation)David HumbirdNREL
2011 Biochemical ReviewPNNL Biochemical Platform Analysis (Presentation)Susanne JonesPacific Northwest National Laboratory
2011 Biochemical ReviewTargeted Conversion Research (Presentation)Mike HimmelNREL
2011 Biochemical ReviewFungal Biotechnology Research and Development (Presentation)Scott BakerPNNL
2011 Biochemical ReviewLignin as a Facilitator, not a Barrier, during Saccharification by Brown Rot Fungi (Presentation)Jonathan SchillingUniversity of Minnesota
2011 Biochemical ReviewBioEnergy Collaborative (BERC) Clemson University and Savannah River National Laboratory Biochemical Platform Peer Review (Presentation)Karl KellyClemson University
2011 Biochemical ReviewPiloting a consolidated biomass-to-ethanol fermentation process using Clostridium phytofermentans (Presentation)Gregory CoilQteros Inc.
2011 Biochemical ReviewEthanologen Solicitation Support and Validation Task (Presentation)Nancy DoweNREL
2011 Biochemical ReviewBiocatalyst for Fermenting Hydrolyzate at Low pH and High Temperature (Presentation)Gary FolkertCargill Inc.
2011 Biochemical ReviewImprovement of Zymomonas Mobilis for Commercial Use in Corn-Based Biorefineries (Presentation)Michael SanfordDuPont
2011 Biochemical ReviewDevelopment of Thermoanaerobacterium saccharolyticum for the conversion of lignocellulose to ethanol (Presentation)David HogsettMascoma Corporation
2011 Biochemical ReviewFurther Improvement of the Robust Recombinant Saccharomyces Yeast for the Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Ethanol (Presentation)Nancy HoPurdue University
2011 Biochemical ReviewThe Integrated Biomass Refining Institute at North Carolina State University (Presentation)Steven PerettiNC State University
2011 Biochemical ReviewEngineering yeast consortia for surface-display of complex cellulosome structures: A consolidated bioprocessing approach from cellulosic biomass to ethanol (Presentation)Wilfred ChenUniversity of California - Riverside
2011 Biochemical ReviewA novel strategy for fermentation of C5 and C6 sugars with native yeast (Presentation)Sasidhar VaranasiUniversity of Toledo
2011 Biochemical ReviewEthanol from Agriculture (Presentation)Elizabeth HoodArkansas State University
2011 Biochemical ReviewNREL and PNNL Collaboration with Japan (Presentation)Scott BakerPNNL
2011 Biochemical ReviewNREL and PNNL Biochemical Collaboration with the EU (Presentation)Scott BakerPNNL
2011 Biochemical ReviewUnited States – India Collaboration: Bio-chemicals and Fuels From Lignin (Presentation)David JohnsonNREL
2011 Biochemical ReviewUS-China Biochemical Conversion Collaboration (WBS number - (Presentation)William WallaceNREL
2011 Biochemical ReviewNational Advanced Biofuels Consortium (NABC) (Presentation)Thomas FoustNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
2011 Feedstocks ReviewFeedstocks Platform Overview (Presentation)John FerrellBiomass Program
2011 Feedstocks ReviewFeedstock Analysis & Sustainability Overview (Presentation)Alison Goss EngDepartment of Energy
2011 Feedstocks ReviewSupply Forecast & Analysis (Abstract, Presentation)Tech ManagerBCS
2011 Feedstocks ReviewShort Rotation Woody Biomass Sustainability (Abstract, Presentation)Natalie GriffithsOak Ridge National Laboratory
2011 Feedstocks ReviewCouncil on Sustainable Biomass Production (Abstract, Presentation)John HeissenbuttelCouncil on Sustainable Biomass Production
2011 Feedstocks ReviewOptimization of Southeastern Forest Biomass Crop Production: A Watershed Scale Evaluation of the Sustainability and Productivity of Dedicated Energy Crop and Woody Biomass Operations (Abstract, Presentation)George ChescheirN. C. State University
2011 Feedstocks ReviewWatershed Scale Optimization to Meet Sustainable Cellulosic Energy Crop Demands (Abstract, Presentation)Indrajeet ChaubeyPurdue
2011 Feedstocks ReviewPathways Toward Sustainable Bioenergy Feedstock Production in the Mississippi River Watershed (Abstract, Presentation)Jason HillUniversity of Minnesota
2011 Feedstocks ReviewFeedstock and Bioenergy Sustainability at a Watershed Scale (Abstract, Presentation)Virginia DaleORNL
2011 Feedstocks ReviewBiomass production and Nitrogen recovery (Abstract, Presentation)M. Cristina NegriArgonne National Laboratory
2011 Feedstocks ReviewLand-Use Change Modeling, Soil Carbon, GHG, and Water Analysis (Part 1) (Abstract, Presentation)Randy JacksonUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
2011 Feedstocks ReviewLand-Use Change Modeling, Soil Carbon, GHG, and Water Analysis (Abstract, Presentation)Cesar IzaurraldeJoint Global Change Research Institute
2011 Feedstocks ReviewBioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework (KDF) (Abstract, Presentation)Budhendra BhaduriOak Ridge National Laboratory
2011 Feedstocks ReviewFeedstock Production OverviewLaura McCannBiomass Program
2011 Feedstocks ReviewSun Grant/DOE Regional Biomass Feedstock Partnership (Abstract, Presentation)Jim DoolittleSouth Dakota State University
2011 Feedstocks ReviewRegional Feedstock Partnership: Agricultural Residues & Stover Removal Tool (Abstract, Presentation)Doug KarlenUSDA - Agricultural Research Service
2011 Feedstocks ReviewThe Regional Feedstock Partnership: Herbaceous Energy Crops and CRP Land for Biomass Production (Abstract, Presentation)Vance OwensNorth Central Sun Grant Center, South Dakota State Univ.
2011 Feedstocks ReviewSun Grant/DOE Regional Feedstock Partnership: Woody Crops (Abstract, Presentation)Timothy RialsUniversity of Tennessee
2011 Feedstocks ReviewRegional Feedstock Partnership Resource Assessment (Abstract, Presentation)Robin GrahamOak Ridge National Laboratory
2011 Feedstocks ReviewDemonstration of On-Farm Production of a Dedicated Energy Crop incorporating Multiple Varieties of Switchgrass Seed (Abstract, Presentation)Sam JacksonUT
2011 Feedstocks ReviewIncreased Seed Oil by Metabolic Regulation (Abstract, Presentation)Frank TuranoPlant Sensory Systems
2011 Feedstocks ReviewBiomass Feedstock Logistics (Presentation)Sam TagoreBETO/EERE
2011 Feedstocks Review1.6.1.2 Feedstock Supply Chain Analysis (Abstract, Presentation)Jake JacobsonIdaho National Laboratory
2011 Feedstocks ReviewFeedstock Supply System Logistics (Abstract, Presentation)Erin WebbORNL
2011 Feedstocks ReviewEngineering & Fundamentals: Harvest, Collection and Storage (Abstract, Presentation)Kevin KenneyIdaho National Laboratory
2011 Feedstocks Review1.3.1.3/ Engineering & Fundamentals Preprocessing, Handling, & Transportation (Abstract, Presentation)Christopher WrightIdaho National Laboratory
2011 Feedstocks Review1.3.1.2 Deployable Process Demonstration Unit (Abstract, Presentation)J. Richard HessINL
2011 Feedstocks ReviewAnalysis Integration (Abstract, Presentation)David MuthIdaho National Laboratory
2011 Feedstocks ReviewChina - Biomass Production and Supply Logistics (Abstract, Presentation)Christopher WrightIdaho National Laboratory
2011 Feedstocks ReviewFeedstock Logistics Day 2 Overview Sam TagoreBETO/EERE
2011 Feedstocks ReviewIntegration of Advanced Logistical Systems and Focused Bioenergy Harvesting Technologies to Supply Crop Residues and Energy Crops in a Densified Large Square Bale Format (Abstract, Presentation)Maynard HerronAGCO CORPORATION
2011 Feedstocks ReviewDesign and Demonstration of a Comprehensive Biomass Feedstock Supply System (Abstract, Presentation)Kevin ComerAntares Group Inc.
2011 Feedstocks ReviewDevelopment of a Bulk-Format System to Harvest, Handle, Store, and Deliver High-Tonnage Low-Moisture Switchgrass Feedstock (Abstract, Presentation)Alvin WomacUniversity of Tennessee
2011 Feedstocks ReviewDevelopment and Deployment of a Short Rotation Woody Crops Harvesting System Based on a Case New Holland Forage Harvester and SRC Woody Crop Header (Abstract, Presentation)Timothy VolkSUNY ESF
2011 Feedstocks ReviewHigh Tonnage Forest Biomass Production Systems from Southern Pine Energy Plantations (Abstract, Presentation)Steve TaylorAuburn University
2011 Feedstocks ReviewSouth Dakota State University SGI/DOE Regional Biomass Feedstock Partnership Competitive Grants (Abstract, Presentation)Jim DoolittleSouth Dakota State University
2011 Feedstocks ReviewHigh-Yield Feedstock and Biomass Conversion Technology for Renewable Energy and Economic Development (Abstract, Presentation)Andrew HashimotoUniversity of Hawaii
2011 Feedstocks ReviewResearch and Technology Development for Genetic Improvement of Switchgrass (Abstract, Presentation)Albert KauschUniversity of Rhode Island
2011 Feedstocks ReviewBioenergyAlliance High-Tonnage BioenergyCrop Production and Conversion into Conventional Fuels (Abstract, Presentation)Bob AvantTexas AgriLife Research
2011 Feedstocks ReviewForestry Biofuel Statewide Collaboration Center (MI) (Abstract, Presentation)Donna LaCourtMichigan Economic Development Corporation
2011 Feedstocks ReviewSaint Joseph's University Institute for Environmental Stewardship (Abstract, Presentation)Clint SpringerSaint Joseph's University
2011 Feedstocks ReviewBiorefinery Development Using Multiple Feedstocks (Abstract, Presentation)Don DayLouisiana State University: Agriculture Center
2011 Feedstocks ReviewSweet Sorghum Alternative Fuel and Feed Pilot Project (Abstract, Presentation)Donald SlackUniversity of Arizona
2011 Feedstocks ReviewSecond Generation Biofuels: Carbon Sequestration and Life Cycle Analysis (Abstract, Presentation)Adam LiskaUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln
2011 Feedstocks ReviewAlternative Crops and Biofuel Production (Abstract, Presentation)Philip KenkelOklahoma State University
2011 IBR ReviewPlatform Overview (Presentation)Technology ManagerDOE Biomass Program
2011 IBR ReviewEstablishment of a Laboratory for Biofuels Research at the University of Kentucky (Abstract, Presentation)Mark CrockerUniversity of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
2011 IBR ReviewABBK 2011 IBR Platform Review (Presentation)Gerson SantosAbengoa
2011 IBR ReviewMinnesota Center for Renewable Energy (Abstract, Presentation)John KnoxMinnesota State University - Mankato
2011 IBR ReviewPOET Project LIBERTY (Abstract, Presentation)James SturdevantPOET
2011 IBR ReviewGreen Power Initiative (Abstract, Presentation)Barry ButlerUniversity of Iowa
2011 IBR ReviewDevelopment of Biofuels Using Ionic Transfer Membranes - Phase II. University of Nevada Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV (Presentation)Lipinska-Kalita KrisUniversity of Nevada Las Vegas
2011 IBR ReviewBlueFire Fulton Cellulosic Ethanol Biorefinery (Abstract, Presentation)William DavisBlueFire Ethanol
2011 IBR ReviewFeasibility Studies on Process Coupling of Transesterification and Methanol Synthesis Using Cellulose Biomass and Bio-oil (Abstract, Presentation)Wei-Ping PanWestern Kentucky University Research Foundation
2011 IBR ReviewDemonstration of Integrated Biorefinery Operations for Producing Biofuels and Chemical / Materials Products Mascoma MAS10BIO5 (Abstract, Presentation)Michael LadischMascoma Corporation
2011 IBR ReviewFly Ash Emerging Frontiers (Presentation)Chett BoxleyCeramatec
2011 IBR ReviewSUNY Cobleskill's Biowaste to Bioenergy Project (Presentation)Douglas GoodaleSUNY Cobleskill
2011 IBR ReviewConnecticut Biodiesel Power Generator (CT)Lee GrannisThe Greater New Haven Clean Cities Coalition, Inc.
2011 IBR ReviewDemonstration Plant: Biomass Fuels to Liquids (Presentation)Robert ByrneFlambeau River BioFuels, Inc.
2011 IBR ReviewTown of Munster, Indiana Centennial Park Waste-to-Energy Cogeneration Project (IN) (Abstract, Presentation)Jim MandonWaste-to-Energy Cogeneration Project (IN)
2011 IBR ReviewAward Number: EE00000435 Seattle Steam Company Seattle, WA (Abstract, Presentation)Stan GentSeattle Steam Company
2011 IBR ReviewProject Independence: Construction of an Integrated Biorefinery for Production of Renewable Biofuels at an Existing Pulp and Paper Mill Abstract - WBS 5611 (Abstract, Presentation)Douglas FreemanNewPage Corporation
2011 IBR ReviewHot Water Extraction of Woodchips and Utilization of the Residual Chips and Wood Extracts (Abstract, Presentation)Thomas AmidonSUNY ESF
2011 IBR ReviewBiomass Energy Resource Center - Core and Program Support (Abstract, Presentation)Adam ShermanBiomass Energy Resource Center  (BERC)
2011 IBR ReviewINEOS New Planet BioEnergy Indian River County Facility Peer Review Feb 1, 2011 (Abstract, Presentation)Dan CummingsINEOS Bio
2011 IBR ReviewSouthern Pine Based Biorefinery Center (Abstract, Presentation)Arthur RagauskasGeorgia Tech
2011 IBR ReviewBiorefinery Demonstration Project (Presentation)David LeeUniversity of Georgia
2011 IBR ReviewPeer Review 2011 presentation for Lignol Biorefinery Demonstrtaion Plant (Abstract, Presentation)Michael RushtonLignol Innovations Inc.
2011 IBR ReviewCenter for Clean Fuels and Power Generation (Abstract, Presentation)Michael HaroldUniversity of Houston
2011 IBR ReviewWest Coast Biorefinery Update (Abstract, Presentation)Paul KoehlerPacific BioGasol
2011 IBR ReviewElevance Pilot Biorefinery - Metathesis Based Biorefinery for Chemicals and Fuels (Abstract, Presentation)chander balakrishnanelevance
2011 IBR ReviewBiogas Center of Excellence (Abstract, Presentation)Nadia AbunasserMichigan Economic Development Corporation(MEDC)
2011 IBR ReviewClearFuels-Rentech Integrated Biorefinery Pilot Project for Diesel and Jet Fuel Production by Thermochemical Conversion of Woodwaste (CF-RTK IBR) (Abstract, Presentation)Joshua PearsonRentech, Inc.
2011 IBR ReviewAnaerobic Digestion/ Combined Heat & Power Concept Development Project (Abstract, Presentation)Robert TaylorWashington Suburban Sanitary Commission
2011 IBR ReviewPecos Valley Biomass Energy Project (Abstract, Presentation)Jay LazarusPecos Valley Biomass Coop
2011 IBR ReviewDemonstration of a Pilot Integrated Biorefinery for the Economical Conversion of Biomass to Diesel Fuel (Abstract, Presentation)Greg TamblynRenewable Energy Institute International
2011 IBR ReviewCity of Stamford Waste-to-Energy Project (CT)Jeanette BrownCity of Stamford  
2011 IBR ReviewNext Generation Biofuels from Non-traditional Feedstock (Abstract, Presentation)Mano MisraUniversity of Nevada, Reno
2011 IBR ReviewUOP Pilot Scale Biorefinery for Sustainable Fuels from Biomass via Integrated Pyrolysis and Catalytic Hydroconversion (Abstract, Presentation)F Stephen LuptonUOP LLC
2011 IBR ReviewMyriant Succinic Acid Biorefinery (Presentation)Alif SalehMyriant
2011 IBR ReviewUniversity of Northern Iowa's National Agricultural Based Lubricants (NABL) Project (Presentation)Wes JamesUniversity of Northern Iowa
2011 IBR ReviewTrenton Fuel Work Biorefinery Development Project (Abstract, Presentation)Stephen PaulTrenton Fuel Works LLC
2011 IBR ReviewScale-up and Mobilization of Renewable Diesel and Chemical Production from Farnesene using US-based Fermentable Sugar Feedstocks (Abstract, Presentation)Neil RenningerAmyris
2011 IBR ReviewSan Francisco Biofuels Program (CA)Domenec JolisSan Francisco Public Utilities Commission Biofuel Program
2011 IBR ReviewHigh-Yield Hybrid Cellulosic Ethanol Process Using High-Impact Feedstock (Abstract, Presentation)Tim EggemanZeaChem Inc.
2011 IBR ReviewAlabama Institute for Deaf and Blind Biodiesel Project Green (Abstract, Presentation)Terry GrahamAlabama Institute for Deaf and Blind
2011 IBR ReviewBiomass to Gasoline and Diesel Using Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion (Abstract, Presentation)Terry MarkerGas Technology Institute
2011 IBR ReviewBiodiesel Production from Grease Waste (Abstract, Presentation)Mike LukerEastern Municipal Water District
2011 IBR ReviewWI Biodiesel Blending Program (Abstract, Presentation)Maria RedmondWisconsin Office of Energy Independence
2011 IBR ReviewIntegrated Pilot-scale Biorefinery for Producing Ethanol from Hybrid Algae (Presentation)Craig SmithAlgenol Biofuels Inc.
2011 IBR ReviewThe Biorefinery in New York – Bio Butanol from Biomass (Abstract, Presentation)Thomas AmidonSUNY ESF
2011 IBR ReviewInstitute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) (Abstract, Presentation)Ajay AgrawalUniversity of Alabama
2011 IBR ReviewIntegrated Algal Biorefinery (IABR) Commercial Demonstration Project (Abstract, Presentation)Jaime MorenoSapphire Energy
2011 IBR ReviewRecovery Act: Pilot Integrated Cellulosic Biorefinery Operations to Fuel Ethanol DE-EE0002875 (Abstract, Presentation)Douglas RiversICM, Inc
2011 IBR Review“Development of an Economic and Efficient Biodiesel Production Process.” (Abstract, Presentation)Cornelia TirlaUniversity of North Carolina at Pembroke
2011 IBR ReviewWood to green gasoline using Carbona gasification and Topsoe TIGAS processes (Abstract, Presentation)Niels UdengaardHaldor Topsoe, Inc.
2011 IBR ReviewEnerkem Heterogeneous Biorefinery Project, Pontotoc, Mississippi (Abstract, Presentation)Denis ArguinEnerkem Corporation
2011 IBR ReviewAlpena Biorefinery (Abstract, Presentation)Theodora RetsinaAmerican Process Inc.
2011 IBR ReviewCorn-to-Cellulosic Migration (Abstract, Presentation)Daniel LaneEdeniQ, Inc.
2011 IBR ReviewIntegrated Forest Products Biorefinery in Old Town, ME DOE # DE-EE0003364 (Abstract, Presentation)Richard ArnoldRed Shield d/b/a Old Town Fuel & Fiber
2011 IBR ReviewConversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Ethanol and Ethyl Acrylate (Abstract, Presentation)thomas binderArcher Daniels Midland
2011 Infrastructure ReviewPlatform Overview (Presentation)Technology ManagerDOE Biomass Program
2011 Infrastructure ReviewIntermediate Blends Testing - Overview and Vehicle Testing (Abstract, Presentation)Brian WestOak Ridge National Laboratory
2011 Infrastructure ReviewPreliminary Results from the ORNL Infrastructure Materials Compatibility Study (Abstract, Presentation)Timothy TheissOak Ridge National Laboratory
2011 Infrastructure ReviewNREL UL Fuel Dispensing Infrastructure Intermediate Blends Performance Testing (Abstract, Presentation)Kristi MoriartyNREL
2011 Infrastructure ReviewJob Creation and Petroleum Independence with E85 (Abstract, Presentation)Steve WalkProtec Fuel
2011 Infrastructure ReviewMichigan E85 Infrastructure (Abstract, Presentation)Matt SandstromClean Energy Coalition
2011 Infrastructure ReviewMissouri Ethanol Blend Infrastructure Project (Abstract, Presentation)Bradley SchadMissouri Corn Merchandising Council
2011 Infrastructure ReviewCenter for Clean Fuels and Power Generation (Abstract, Presentation)Michael HaroldUniversity of Houston
2011 Infrastructure Review “Feedstock to Tailpipe Initiative”: Kansas Biofuels Production, Testing and Certification Laboratory (Abstract, Presentation)Susan Stagg-WilliamsUniversity of Kansas
2011 Infrastructure ReviewImproving the Fungibility and Compatibility of Advanced Biofuels (Abstract, Presentation)Bruce BuntingOak Ridge National Laboratory
2011 Infrastructure ReviewBioFuels Atlas-A Geospatial Biomass Mapping Application (Abstract, Presentation)Kristi MoriartyNREL
2011 Program Review2011 Process Overview (Presentation)Neil RossmeisslBiomass Program
2011 Program ReviewBiomass Program Overview (Presentation)Paul BryanBiomass Program
2011 Program ReviewAnalysis Platform Overview (Presentation)Zia HaqBiomass Program
2011 Program ReviewAnalysis Platform Lead Reviewer Report (Presentation)Kelly IbsenLynx Engineering, LLC
2011 Program ReviewSustainability Platform (Presentation)Alison Goss EngBiomass Program
2011 Program ReviewSustainability Platform Lead Reviewer Report (Presentation)Alison BradyLife Cycle Management
2011 Program ReviewFeedstock Production (Presentation)Laura McCannBiomass Program
2011 Program ReviewFeedstock Logistics (Presentation)Sam TagoreBETO/EERE
2011 Program ReviewFeedstocks Platform Lead Reviewer Report (Presentation)Jim DooleyForest Concepts
2011 Program ReviewAlgae Platform Overview (Presentation)Joyce YangBiomass Program
2011 Program ReviewAlgae R&D Reviewer Report (Presentation)Tryg LundquistCAL POLY
2011 Program ReviewClosing Remarks and Meeting AdjournmentNeil RossmeisslBiomass Program
2011 Program ReviewOpening RemarksNeil RossmeisslBiomass Program
2011 Program ReviewBiochemical Overview (Presentation)Leslie PezzulloBiomass Program
2011 Program ReviewBiochemical Review Results (Presentation)Mike PennerOregon State University
2011 Program ReviewThermochemical Overview (Presentation)Paul GrabowskiBiomass Program
2011 Program ReviewThermochemical Review Results (Presentation)Steve KelleyNorth Carolina State University
2011 Program ReviewInfrastructure Overview (Presentation)Shabnam FardaneshBiomass Program
2011 Program ReviewInfrastructure Review Results (Presentation)Albert HochhauserTransportation Fuels Consultant
2011 Program ReviewIBR Overview (Presentation)Neil RossmeisslBiomass Program
2011 Program ReviewIBR Review Results (Presentation)George ParksFuel Science
2011 Program ReviewClosing RemarksNeil RossmeisslBiomass Program
2011 Thermochemical ReviewThermochemical Conversion Platform Overview (Presentation)Technology ManagerDOE Biomass Program
2011 Thermochemical ReviewThermochemical Feedstock Interface (Abstract, Presentation)Richard BoardmanINL
2011 Thermochemical ReviewThermochemical Conversion Sustainability Interface (Abstract, Presentation)Lesley Snowden-SwanPacific Northwest National Laboratory
2011 Thermochemical ReviewPNNL Thermochemical Analysis – Pyrolysis Pathway (Abstract, Presentation)Susanne JonesPacific Northwest National Laboratory
2011 Thermochemical ReviewPyrolysis Oil R&D - PNNL & NREL (Abstract, Presentation)Douglas ElliottPNNL
2011 Thermochemical ReviewORNL Support For The Thermochemical Platform (Abstract, Presentation)James KeiserORNL
2011 Thermochemical ReviewNational Advanced Biofuels Consortium (NABC) (Abstract, Presentation)Thomas FoustNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
2011 Thermochemical ReviewCatalytic Deoxygenation of Biomass Pyrolysis Vapors to Improve Bio-oil Stability DE-FG36-08GO18208 (Abstract, Presentation)David DaytonRTI Internaional
2011 Thermochemical ReviewA low-cost high-yield process for the direct production of high energy density liquid fuel from biomass (Abstract, Presentation)Fabio RibeiroPurdue University
2011 Thermochemical ReviewFast Pyrolysis Oil Stabilization: An Integrated Catalytic and Membrane Approach for Imporoved Bio-oils (Presentation)George HuberUniversity of Massachusetts-Amherst
2011 Thermochemical ReviewStabilization of Fast Pyrolysis Oils (Presentation)Tim BrandvoldUOP-Honeywell
2011 Thermochemical ReviewDevelopment of Fuels from Bio-oils and Syngas Conversion to Liquid Fuels (Abstract, Presentation)Michele AndersonMississippi State University  
2011 Thermochemical ReviewUniversity of Oklahoma Biofuels Refining (Abstract, Presentation)Lance LobbanUniversity of Oklahoma
2011 Thermochemical ReviewCatalytic Production of Ethanol from Biomass-Derived Synthesis Gas (Abstract, Presentation)Brian TrewynIowa State University
2011 Thermochemical ReviewIntegrated Biomass Gasification with Catalytic Partial Oxidation for Selective Tar Conversion (Presentation)Wei WeiGE
2011 Thermochemical ReviewDevelopment of New Gasification Processes for Biomass Residues: Gasification Kinetics at Pressurized Conditions (Abstract, Presentation)Pradeep AgrawalGeorgia Institute of Technology
2011 Thermochemical ReviewUniversity of North Dakota, Grand Forks, Center for Biomass UtilizationBruce FolkedahlUniversity of North Dakota, Grand Forks, Center for Biomass Utilization
2011 Thermochemical ReviewFeedstock Treatments for Thermal Reactors (Abstract, Presentation)Shahab SokhansanjOak Ridge National Lab
2011 Thermochemical ReviewDual Layer Monolith ATR of Pyrolysis Oil for Distributed Synthesis Gas Production (Presentation)Adeniyi LawalStevens Institute of Technology
2011 Thermochemical ReviewEvaluation of the Relative Merits of Herbacious and Woody Crops for Use in Tuneable Thermochemical Processing (Presentation)Steve BobzinCeres, Inc.
2011 Thermochemical ReviewNovel fast pyrolysis/catalytic technology for the production of stable upgraded liquids (Abstract, Presentation)foster agblevorvirginia tech
2011 Thermochemical ReviewA Systems Approach to Bio-Oil Stabilization (Abstract, Presentation)Robert BrownIowa State University
2011 Thermochemical ReviewAdvanced Biomass to Gasoline Process (Abstract, Presentation)Mitrajit MukherjeeExelus, Inc.
2011 Thermochemical ReviewThermochemical Platform Analysis: Gasification Route (Abstract, Presentation)Abhijit DuttaNREL
2011 Thermochemical ReviewGasification Process Modeling and Optimization (Abstract, Presentation)Mark NimlosNREL
2011 Thermochemical ReviewCatalyst Fundamentals (Abstract, Presentation)Kim MagriniNREL
2011 Thermochemical ReviewNovel Approach for Biomass Syngas Cleaning and Conditioning for Liquid Fuel Synthesis Applications (Abstract, Presentation)Karl LibschEmery Energy
2011 Thermochemical Review2011 DOE Biomass Program Review RD&D Presentation –Advanced Thermochemical Biofuels– (Abstract, Presentation)Jesse HensleyNREL
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2011 Thermochemical ReviewPNNL/Range Fuels Alcohol Catalyst Improvement Project (Abstract, Presentation)Mike LilgaPNNL
2011 Thermochemical ReviewIntegrated Gasification and Fuel Synthesis (Abstract, Presentation)Steven PhillipsNREL
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2011 Thermochemical ReviewSyngas to Synfuels Process Development Unit (Abstract, Presentation)Robert BrownIowa State University
2011 Thermochemical ReviewPilot-Scale Demonstration of a Fully Integrated Commercial Processes for Converting Woody Biomass into Clean Biomass Diesel Fuel (Abstract, Presentation)Stephen PiccotSouthern Research
2011 Thermochemical ReviewThermochemical Collaboration with China (Abstract, Presentation)Jonathan MalePacific Northwest National Laboratory
2011 Thermochemical ReviewEU Thermochemical Collaboration (with Finland and Sweden) (Abstract, Presentation)Kristiina IisaNREL
2011 Thermochemical ReviewThermochemical Collaboration with Canada (Abstract, Presentation)Alan ZacherPNNL